A Collection of PHP & ASP Web Backdoors & Shells

Hack the web, the russian way

Let me introduce you some of my favorite Web Backdoors, most of them are well known since 2005.

I personally know C99Shell since 2007, when some lamers attempted to hack DareYourMind. But now I’m most used to R57shell, which works very well when Safe-mode is OFF (not secure).

Most of these scripts have been coded by some real good hacker teams, and three of them, the most known, by some Russian h4x0rs:

  • c99shell
  • r57shell
  • c100shell

These scripts can be very dangerous when Safe-mode is OFF, so let’s deactivate Safe-mode:

perl -p -i -e 's/^safe_mode\s*=\s*on/safe_mode =off/i;' /etc/php.ini
/etc/init.d/httpd restart

This is what you get with an old version of C99Shell:


Today, newest versions of these scripts are hard to find, but fortunately there is a website called Sh3LL.Org where a little collection of these backdoors is available. BackDoor scripts are divided in two categories PHP and ASP scripts.

Do not forget to read the source code of these scripts before using them to prevent any pwnage of your backdoor by their authors. I also recommend you to hide your backdoor, and secure the access. For example you can give your backdoor a common name such as “common.php”, do not forget to change the date of creation of your backdoor file and chmod/chown it.

Tor is always a good way to hide your ass, TorBrowser is even better.

Hack safe my friends! And as always, have a nice day.

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