Thireus Repository - New Cydia Security-Oriented Repository

Thireus Repository

Today I would like to introduce you a new Cydia Repository… Thireus Repository.

After my fresh new JailBreak, I decided to give a little push to my current JailBreak tool projects. So I created my own Cydia repository to host future apps.

Currently the repository only contains 2 packages, one is MobileTerminal 520-1, and the other one is my recommended hacker tools for your iOS device.

Let’s add this repository…

To add my repository, Open Cydia.

Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add,

Thireus Repository from the Cydia Manager Thireus Repository Packages

Go further with more security…

For your security I advice you to add the GPG public key of the repository. This can be done via the apt-key command and you must be root on your iOS device.

scp mobile@your_idDevice_IP:/var/mobile/ # Default root password is alpine
ssh mobile@your_idDevice_IP
su # Default root password is alpine
apt-key add
# Now open Cydia, Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add,

Note: If your ‘mobile’ or ‘root’ passwords are “alpine“ don't forget to change them!

passwd # Command to change current user password

Installation details:

  1. Copy this file to your iPod/iPhone/iPad filesystem in ‘/var/mobile/’ via SCP/SFTP:
  2. Execute apt-key add as root at the same directory.
  3. Open Cydia, Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add,

Final thoughts…

More packages are coming. Security-oriented stuffs as always.

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