Secure Web Browsing with 6 Google Chrome Extensions

Secure Web Browsing with 6 Google Chrome Extensions

SSL/TLS enforcer extensions – HTTPS all the way over the Internet

If you ever wanted to use SSL/TLS automatically with any website that provides this security feature, then some Google Chrome extensions can help you with this.

You can test “KB SSL Enforcer” with my blog. Install the first two extensions, then click on the KB button and then push the “Whitelist” button. You should see a warning because my certificate is signed by the FrenchDev CA which is certainly unknown to your Web browser. Just accept it, and you’re done.

Never miss the point that untrusted self signed certificates are insecure and could eventually be owned by an attacker in man-in-the-middle between you and the distant Web server. So, make sure that the traffic between you and the website is not filtered before you accept it, to make sure the certificate was not altered and can be trusted.

[![KB SSL Enforcer](/img/1-2-copy-2.png "KB SSL Enforcer")]( SSL Enforcer Automatic security, browse.[DOWNLOAD]( "DOWNLOAD")
[![KB SSL Enforcer Browser Button](/img/1-2-copy-2.png "KB SSL Enforcer Browser Button")]( SSL Enforcer Browser Button Automatic security, browse encrypted (with easy access). Requires KB SSL.[DOWNLOAD]( "DOWNLOAD")
 [![Facebook Secure Connection (Force Https SSL)](/img/facebook-secure-connection-force-https-ssl.png "Facebook Secure Connection (Force Https SSL)")]( Secure Connection (Force Https SSL) Forces Facebook and all links in a Facebook page (include Notifications) to use a secure connection (SSL). Also change external Facebook’s links into links with https.[DOWNLOAD]( "DOWNLOAD")
 [![Google SSL Web Search beta (by Google)](/img/google-ssl-web-search-beta-by-google.png "Google SSL Web Search beta (by Google)")]( SSL Web Search beta (by Google) Use Google Web Search and Suggest protected by SSL.[DOWNLOAD]( "DOWNLOAD")
 [![Google SSL Webcache - 谷歌加密快照](/img/google-ssl-webcache.png "Google SSL Webcache - 谷歌加密快照")]( SSL Webcache – 谷歌加密快照 在阁下使用Google™搜索时, ‘网页快照'(Cached)自动转换为Https安全链接.[DOWNLOAD]( "DOWNLOAD")
 [![Secure Login Helper](/img/secure-login-helper.png "Secure Login Helper")]( Login Helper Attempts to help you login to sites using SSL if possible.[DOWNLOAD]( "DOWNLOAD")
Tip: Under MacOS you can add untrusted certificates to the KeyAccess manager, so your Mac will permanently trust these certificates and warnings will vanish from your Web browsers.

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