How to Install iOS Perl Framework on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Perl this very popular and versatile interpreted language… can be installed on your iOS device!

UPDATE: Tested and working on iOS 5!

UPDATE 2: Tested and working on iOS 6!

Requirements: A Jailbroken device with Cydia and 19 MB free space available (for package download, but it will also need some free space for the installation).

ssh root@iDevice_ip wget apt-key add echo 'deb iphone main' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ # Now open Cydia, update package lists and install Perl.

Installation details:

  1. Copy this file to your iPod/iPhone/iPad filesystem in ‘/var/root’ via SFTP:
  2. Execute “apt-key add” as root from the same directory
  3. Execute “echo ‘deb iphone main’ > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/” to add the new source in Cydia
  4. Open Cydia, update the package lists, find and install the "perl" package

[![Perl Cydia CoreDev iPhPerl Cydia CoreDev iPhoneom/img/perl-cydia-coredev.png) [![Perl on MobileTerminalPerl on MobileTerminalom/img/perl-on-mobileterminal.png)

The iOS terminal application on the right is called MobileTeminal and is available from my Cydia repository.

Have fun!

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